Experience the Age of Sail

Conrad Byers, an internationally recognized expert on the Age of Sail, will develop a customized experiential package for you on the Parrsboro Shore's romantic Age of Sail.

Your package will originate at the Beach House, and will include a slide show of pictures of old sailing ships and artifacts from Conrad's personal collection. Liz has a picture of a ship being launched near the Beach House, and Conrad will show it to you as part of the tour. Conrad will also take you to the Parrsboro harbour and to several local sites where wooden hull boats were built. He'll tell you about the site's history, the ships built there, and the people who built the ships. Just think - you'll be standing exactly where these wonderful ships were created! Be sure to ask Conrad about deserted ships found sailing by themselves.

The package includes a personalized visit with Conrad to the Age of Sail Museum in Port Greville, when it is open for the summer season. During the visit, Conrad will explain to you how tools were used to construct the sailing ships.

Conrad is such a good story teller, that you'll feel that a ship is being built right in front of you - or, maybe its the friendly ghosts of all the creative people who went before us and left Nova Scotia with this incredible heritage!

This package is a grand idea for children, teenagers and adults of any age. The walking is easy and the views spectacular, all four seasons of the year.

Experience the Age of Sail is a customized package and can be modified for half or full days. For more information and to organize your package, contact Liz.