Bay of Fundy Antique Shops

Fox River, Port Greville and Parrsboro are very old communities on the Bay of Fundy, and many of the houses and other buildings are well over 100 years old. The area is a great place for people who love antiques. There are several antique stores in Parrsboro and auctions in the area are advertised in the local paper.

Parrsboro at high tide

When Liz is in the Beach House, or staying at her little cabin in Fox River, she always tries to go to yard sales - usually on Saturday mornings. She has had good luck in finding treasures - you'll see lots of these treasures in the Beach House!

As well as going to local sales and stores for antiques, you can explore the rest of Cumberland County and Colchester County for yard sales, community fairs and antique stores. Almost every year, there is a 30 kilometre yard sale on the road to Truro, during the second Saturday of July.

If you like to refinish antiques, you can take your purchases home and work on them, or work on them at the Beach House. Liz can make suggestions about local people who will help turn your finds into treasures which will remind you of your stay on this interesting coast.

The Beach House is full of old and interesting furniture. Bethany is sitting in a chair which Liz refinished herself. The blue cushions were recovered locally with material Liz brought from Toronto. Other interesting old items in the sun room are the old crock, old flags, including an old Union Jack, and a small bench made by Liz's Dad when she was a little girl.