Dinosaur Fun

Dinosaur's are a key part of the history and culture on the Parrsboro Shore. Visit Parrsboro and take a good look at the street lights on the Home Page - you'll see that they are actually dinosaurs!

If you want to learn more about the area's dinosaurs, you can visit the Fundy Geological Museum. When you visit the museum, part of the Nova Scotia Museum, you will see examples of the world's first reptiles, the ancestor of frogs, an early dinosaur, giant dragonflies and a sow-bug-like creature as long as a baseball bat. To learn about what you'll see, visit the museum at: fundygeological.novascotia.ca or call (902) 254-3814.

If you want a guided tour, Dinatours, in Two Islands just outside Parrsboro, offers mineral and fossil tours. To get more information about their mineral collecting and fossil tours, call (902) 254-3700 or fax (902) 254-3664.