Fundy Shore Ecotour

Nova Scotia's Fundy Shore Ecotour goes along the shore coast from Windsor to Amherst. The Beach House is on the point of land on the right side of this picture. The Fox River Lookoff, part of the Ecotour, is on the point of land on the left side. The tide is going out here, but is not yet low enough for walking across the sand bar to the Lookoff. You can easily walk across from our Bay of Fundy beach cottage when the tide is low - just remember to come back before the tide comes in.

From the west side of our Bay of Fundy beach cottage, you can see the Port Greville Lookoff, and it's only a few minutes drive to the Age of Sail Heritage Centre. Other points on the Ecotour which are down the shore are Advocate Beach, Cape d'Or, Spencer's Island Heritage Site, and Wards Falls Hiking Trail.