Lighthouses near our Nova Scotia cottage on the Beach

Lighthouses are a cornerstone of Nova Scotia's marine heritage. There are several lighthouses near our Nova Scotia cottage on the beach, including the Five Islands Lighthouse, Spencer's Island Lighthouse, Cape d'Or Lighthouse and the light house in Parrsboro.

However, the light house which is special to everyone who lives in the Fox River/Port Greville area is on the grounds of the Age of Sail Heritage Centre. This light house used to be in Port Greville until many years ago when it was unexpectedly moved by the federal government to Cape Breton. Donna Merriam, who had played around the lighthouse as a child, led a strong and effective campaign to get it back into the community.

And here it is. Thanks Donna

Model lighthouses are a favourite souvenir from Nova Scotia. Walter deWolfe, who lives in Port Greville during the summer months - within an easy walk from our Nova Scotia cottage on the beach - makes lovely lighthouses which can be used as Christmas decorations or as window ornaments.

The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society is a rich source of information about the province's lighthouse. They can be visited at: