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Tyger Travel International
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Special note from Liz Yorke:
My long time friend, Magda Gondor owns Tyger Travel International, which specializes in helping travellers develop customized travel plans for business, pleasure and adventure. Magda had led trips, out of Toronto, to the United States and Europe, and is a long-time supporter of the finest spas in the United States. Magda has re-established strong connections with the Danubius hotel group which manages 22 hotels in Budapest and in various areas of Hungary. It was natural that she has focused on short term visits to the spas in her native Hungary. Have at look at Magda's web site Contact Magda Gondor - or call her at 416-298-8864 to discuss all your travel needs. Tyger Travel International is a member of Travelsavers a consortium known worldwide.

A1 Vacation Properties lists thousands of properties from around the world

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HomeAway Vacation Rentals - With more than 255,000 vacation rental home listings across 100 countries, ranging from condos to castles, HomeAway makes it fast and easy to find perfect vacation homes.

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PPBO - Vacation rentals for rent by owner and homes for sale by owner Your Resource for Vacation Rental Properties Worldwide – a perfect resource for vacation rental properties throughout the world.

Real Adventures - From romantic bed & breakfasts to luxury vacation rentals, from bungee jumping to safaris, and from Alaska to Zimbabwe, RealAdventures is a comprehensive resource for travelers around the world.

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Vacation Rentals By Owner - For more great vacation rentals all over the world - Visit Vacation Rentals by Owner" and link to the home page.
Vacation rentals worldwide, direct from the owner at - Vacation rentals and apartments direct by owner - worldwide has links to many holiday and vacation homes, world-wide.